The Gift of Doing

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giftI’m very picky. Simply put, I like what I like. I’m sure most of you can relate. Buying gifts for me is not very fun (just ask my husband!). For every gift that is a winner, there are 10 that just don’t make the grade. So one year, on the eve of my birthday, I decided to throw down a challenge to my family. No buying me anything. Truthfully, if there is really something that I “need”, I’ll get it myself. But here was the catch. They had to “do” something for me instead. Think about it. It’s the perfect gift. It’s low cost, clutter free (love that!) and from the heart. And I get what I truly “need” – others to take care of things that I either do not have time for or do not know how to do. So here’s what I “received” that first year.

Share the Wealth by Donating to Worthy Organizations 2017 {FREE PRINTABLE}

(Includes a FREE printable list!)

It’s that time of year and in the spirit of giving, we’ve made donating easy for you. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite national donation sites.

Dress for Success

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. The organization accepts pantsuits, skirts, dresses, blazers, blouses, shoes, purses, and unused cosmetics and jewelry. To donate clothes to your local Dress for Success, please visit to find the affiliate nearest to you.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Easy Egg Muffins

These Egg Muffin Cups are the perfect solution to your busy mornings. They can be made ahead of time, frozen and are a healthy way to start your day. December is busy enough with the parties, traveling and the holidays, so make things easy on yourself and give these a try!

20 Clutter-Free Gift Giving Ideas {FREE PRINTABLE}

(Includes a FREE printable list!)

Tis’ the season to give and receive, but that doesn’t mean we have to fill our homes with clutter! These clutter-free gift ideas span all ages and spare your friends and family from present overload!

clutter-free gift giving

Digital Media:

  • Netflix subscription
  • Gamefly subscription
  • Convert old pictures to DVDs and then wrap them up. The best part – give them the gift of spending time watching them together.
  • Amazon Prime membership
  • Read aloud and record a favorite children’s book and give the recording to a child. They will love to listen over and over again!

Leslie Likes: Organized Holiday Wrapping

organized wrappingTeachers’ gifts, holiday parties, hostess presents, neighborhood gift exchanges and the list goes on and on. And along with it? Endless wrapping. Since I am all about being organized and finding what I need quickly, I’m a HUGE fan of the Wrap and Tote Organizer from The Container Store! It will organize and hold everything that you need for wrapping and decorating all of your holiday gifts.

Do You Have Different Organizing Styles Living in Your Home?

organizing styles(with permission from my daughter/son)

As I write this newsletter, my daughter, Maddie is on her way home from DC for a short visit and my son, Eli from college for Fall Break. And as excited as I am (And I am!) to have them home, the type “A”, everything have a place, put it away immediately, Leslie, can’t stop thinking about the clutter that comes along with their visits. If I am going to be completely honest, as much as I miss them (and I do!), I get a giddy pleasure peeking into their perfectly neat and organized bedrooms. (Yes, I am that crazy!) It’s not that they were so messy or disorganized when they lived here. It’s just that we all have VERY different organizing personalities.

MakeSpace for Order Out of Chaos: 5 Steps To Declutter Your Way To Clarity

There’s a reason organization is touted as the key to productivity: Clutter is distracting, causes hassles, and wastes your precious time.

Conversely, organized spaces allow for greater efficiency. Things like decision fatigue and stress are reduced, in turn reserving brainpower. Mindfulness, focus, and other important aspects of mental clarity become easier to attain.

Here’s how to initiate — and foster — an environment that nurtures your inner peace of mind:

6 Costly Organizing Mistakes That College Students Fall Victim To

college students organizing mistakesOn a much broader spectrum, no individual would ever want his prized document to be missing, a few minutes before his game-changing speech or presentation, or to miss half of his favorite T.V. episode because it took him 15 minutes to look for the remote. Here are few revealing statistics about the consequences of college students being disorganized:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

pumpkin oatmealPumpkin season is in full swing!  And in the spirit of National Diabetes Month, we are savoring this diabetic-friendly Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal! It will fill you up, hit the spot and get you moving and focused on a crisp Fall morning. The Truvia blend makes this version a bit lighter without sacrificing any of the sweet pumpkin flavors.

LESLIE LIKES: Myabetic Diabetes Wallet

Myabetic OrganizerNovember is National Diabetes Month and in its honor, I am spotlighting one of my favorite organizing products for those with Diabetes — the Myabetic Banting Diabetes Wallet. Back in 2013, I actually co-authored the award-winning book, The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful, More Manageable Diabetes Life. And I was fortunate enough to get to know the Myabetic products and feature them in our book!

Tired of concealing the drab pouch of diabetic supplies she always had to carry, Kyrra Richards designed some more fashionable ones—and started selling them. Her chic cases are sold in Target stores and online.