The Cost of Clutter

Clutter is expensive. According to a recent article on Yahoo Homes, clutter costs an average of $10 per square foot to store items in your house. Almost 10% of American households rent storage units, spending more than $1000 annually in rent. One-quarter of people with two-car garages can’t even get their cars in there because they are storing their junk instead. Twenty-three percent of us pay bills late and incur fees because we have lost the statements.

But clutter also costs us time. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (my peeps), the average American spends one year of his or her life looking for lost or misplaced items. Get rid of clutter and you will eliminate as much as 40% of the housework in an average home.

Not convinced yet? How’s this for a reality check? Navigating piles makes you susceptible to slips and trips. Mouse feces and other vermin love to nest under piles that have been accumulating for years. So next time you are thinking of ways to cut back on expenses, maybe treat yourself to that Starbucks coffee but discard those old magazines.

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