Our 2013--2014 Academic Planner . . .
A Tool for Time Management!

The feedback I have received in response to our 2012-2013 Academic Planner has been overwhelming and I'm delighted to announce the new-and-improved versions for 2013-2014!  Student organizing is my passion, so I decided to design this planner to help students address their most pressing issue – how to manage their time. Typical planners are used merely to record homework assignments, tests and due dates. In effect, they are glorified “to-do” lists. My planner can be described as a tool for time management.

One item every middle and high school students should have is a good academic planner. The writer’s favorite? Order Out of Chaos’ features large pages for recording assignments and after school activities. The notebook also has plenty of blank space so kids can fill in free time pursuits as well as long-range events such as family parties, vacations and weekends away.


My son, Michael, 13, wasn’t able to keep track of tasks or time. The Academic Planner turned things around! Unlike other planners, the Academic Planner has space at the bottom of every page for listing after-school activities and weekend commitments. Michael has sports and social commitments that conflict with his school deadlines. Now, at a glance, he can tell when he has blocks of open time, and when he has no time for fun. The large-format pages also allow him to write more details about assignments and homework. After a week of using the Academic Planner, Michael dumped his old one!

—ADDitude Magazine

Watch Leslie describe the planner’s special features.


  • An index page at the beginning enables students to record their class subjects once. The actual weekly planner pages then line up on a subject-by-subject basis. This system maintains continuity and creates an easy, natural method for students to look at each week and quickly see assignments and due dates they have for each of their classes.
  • The planner allocates space for after-school activities and weekend commitments. Coupled with the grid system for entering information, the recording of this information is essential for providing accurate visual cues of available time in order to complete assignments and prepare for tests. Each open page quickly reveals blocks of time when the student has scheduled activities and when they are free. This facilitates weekly time management and planning strategies.
  • Seeing open blocks of time helps students break down multi-step and long-term projects into manageable parts. It also enables students to plan their weekly workload and to feel more in control of their schedule and their time.
  • Ample, larger format pages to allow for more room to write assignments and appointments! The overall size of the planner is 8 1/2 x 11" and the interior pages are an ample 7 x 11".
  • Flexible plastic coil binding and more durably constructed covers
  • For custom school orders, please either call 914.420.6643 or email Leslie Josel at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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