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Never Forget Anything Again! (I like the sound of that!)

February is Time Management month so I’m sharing one of my favorite time managing apps, Due App! Our schedules are busy and our plates are full – it’s so hard to keep track of everything. I love a paper planner of course, but sometimes we need additional reminders too.

Creating reminders with the Due App is lighting fast and super simple. You set what you need to be reminded of, the time, and how often you want to be reminded. Once you have your reminders set you can swipe them to delete, add time, duplicate, email, or message them. Due will repeatedly notify you of your overdue reminders until you mark them complete, reschedule them, or turn off their auto snooze. It’s like an alarm clock for your to-dos! Due can also use iCloud or Dropbox to sync all your reminders, alarms, and settings as well as keep them in sync with the Due app for Mac. Perfect for students too!

For more information or to download the Due App, click HERE.


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