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10 Ways Color Coding Can Help Organize Your Family

How to Use Color Coding

Color coding is a fun and easy way to help children get and stay organized! Clutter with kids can add up fast, and getting them to pick up is a battle. But with an easy color coding system clean up is much easier, faster and best of all, kids can do it themselves. From school supplies and notes, to gadgets and chargers, these tips will finally help everyone in the house be more organized.

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Here are a few ways to add color to your daily home and school routines:


  1. Color-code their to-dos. Use different color sticky notes to help your child keep track of when to do certain tasks like schoolwork or chores. Or use the color of the sticky to indicate how urgent an assignment or chore is.
  2. Use color coding to distinguish class notes from home-study notes. Some kids find it helpful to distinguish what they learned in class for what they learned studying from home. So your child can use a blue pen for class notes and black for home. This way if she has a question she will know where she learned it.
  3. Use different color bracelets for reminders. Once your child knows what color goes with what subject, buy her a set of matching bracelets to take to school. They can slip on the bracelet of the subject they have homework in or use it to remind themselves to hand in a particular assignment.
  4. Color code school supplies. Make each class its own color. Use this for every binder, folder, notebook needed for that class. If your child has a homework station follow the color scheme for storage bins for class-specific supplies. So for example, calculators and rulers for math go in the red bin.
  5. Organize your child’s activities by color. Use large totes in different colors, for example, dance in red, tennis in blue, and so on. You can also customize the bag with the name of the activity right on it.
  6. Color-code their dishes. Give each child his or her own color cup (or colored elastic band around a cup). This is their one cup to use for the entire day. As a result, less dishes and no confusion on whose is whose. This can be done with plates and bowls too. (Ikea sells great sets for littler kids)
  7. Color coding for their towels. Another easy idea is to sew colored loops onto the edge of white towels, or buy towels of all different colors and let each child pick their color. This helps with laundry sorting too.
  8. It seems like households are full of so many electronic devices! Buy protective cases in different colors and have one specific color for each family member. Now finally everyone knows at a quick glance which device is theirs.
  9. Along with devices come lots of chargers and cords. They were always disappearing at my house – until they were color coded to match our devices. No more stealing chargers!
  10. Give one color bin to each child to store their toys/clutter.  They can only keep the things that fit in their bins (however many the parent allows them to have) and when it’s time to clean up everything goes into them. In addition they can have a corresponding color for a homework caddy where they keep all of their school supplies!

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