31 Days of Summer Organizing Tips {FREE PRINTABLE}

Summer break is only a few weeks away, are you ready? It can be a busy time for everyone, so we have created a free printable for you with 31 organizing tips to help you make the most of your summer!  We have you covered with tips on everything from beach and pool gear organization, to road trip essentials and even ways to enjoy time spent at home.  Use these ideas to get organized and have more time to enjoy summer time fun.

End of the School Year Tips:

1. Take time to clean out artwork and old papers when they come home from school at the end of the year. Keep a few of your absolute favorites in a small portfolio and use an app like Artkive to digitally preserve any other artwork. Have a favorite document or piece of writing? Use Genius Scan to scan it and save it digitally forever!

2. Store leftover school supplies like markers, pencils, glue and paper in small clear plastic bins. Make a list of what you have, what you need and take advantage of end of the school year sales!

3. Make a school stuff storage station for each child. As soon as school is over, go through all of their bags and sort through the “stuff.” Toss what’s broken or no longer needed and store the rest in a plastic storage bin for next year. Put things like locker shelves and organizers, large binders, hole punches, staplers and other larger items in these storage stations.

Kickoff to Summer Tips:

4. Make a summer job chart – Kids have extra time on their hands over the summer so it’s the perfect time to enlist help around the house. Whether you create one together or you make one for them, it’s a great time to teach them responsibility.

5. Make A Reading Chart – Create a reading chart to encourage them keep reading and offer a reward or treat when they hit a goal. When the heat is just too much head to the library for new books!

6. Make a Summer Bucket List – At the beginning of every summer we sit down as a family and list the things that we all would like to do before the kids head back to school. Then we make one big master list and them off as we go! These can be as simples as making ice cream at home or as big as going on a road trip.

Tips for Traveling and Being on the Go:

7. Summertime Car Kit – Keep a tote bag in your car stocked with sunscreen, bug spray, extra clothes, wipes, towels, snacks. You will be ready for any impromptu adventures!

8. Invest in a car trunk organizer – these are great for moms on the go. Whether it is to amusement parks, road trips or sporting events, keeping kids items straight is a lifesaver. Some of them even have a cooler compartment for storing snacks and drinks.

9. To keep boredom at bay on road trips, try making your own travel binder.  Put markers, crayons and pencils (or color wonder markers for little ones) into soft pencil case that clips into the binder. Print out their favorite characters for them to color, travel bingo cards, tic tac toe cards and other fun games to play on the way.

10. Use a backseat organizer like this one to keep their snacks, electronics and games organized in one place while traveling in the car.

11. Road Trip Food Basket – Dollar tore shower caddies are perfect for when kids have to eat in the car. Good for road trips or busy after-school schedules. This is genius!

12. A lot of summer is spent on the run – to the pool, to the beach, to piano lessons, to your vacation destination. Knowing that, you can prepare yourself in advance. Pack a few small zippered activity bags and store them by the door. One activity bag could have bug repellant and sunscreen, another goggles and swim caps. You could have one for piano books or art supplies and still another for small travel games.

Pool and Beach Organization Tips:

13. Use a tall hamper (the kind with holes up the sides) to store large pool toys like floats, noodles and inflatable rings. This will allow them to dry and will keep them corralled in one place.

14. Make an Outdoor Drying Rack – Mount coat racks with pegs in the garage to hang beach chairs, towels, bags, floats and more.

15. Bring a blow-up pool. If you bring a small blow-up pool to the beach, it can act as a play yard to keep your kids in the one spot. They can happily play inside, make sandcastles and just generally have fun.

16. Make a sponge lei. Before you go to the beach, get some string and add pieces of  cut up sponge at regular intervals. If your kids get too hot, all they need to do is wet the necklace to cool down.

Summer Fun Tips:

17. Freeze water balloons. For a fun twist on freezing water bottles to keep your food cool, freeze water balloons instead, and when they thaw out, you can have a water balloon fight!

18. Make a bubble refill station using a large plastic beverage dispenser with a spigot on the front so that children can help themselves.

19. Make Ice Cream in a Ziploc Bag  – This is a great recipe for Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream from Super Healthy Kids.

20. Summer Tip – If you keep your tub of ice cream in a Ziploc freezer bag while it’s in the freezer it will keep it softer.

21. Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes – Freeze cubes of aloe vera in ice trays and when you have sunburn rub the frozen cubes on the burned area.

22. Slip cupcake/muffin liners on the sticks of Popsicles to catch drips.  You can also use a cupcake liner upside down on your drinking glass while outside, then slip a straw through it. This will keep the annoying summer bugs out of your drinks.

Home Organization Tips:

23. Tired of clothes slipping off of hangers and having to constantly pick them off the ground, but don’t want to invest in replacing them all? Wrap pipe cleaners around the top edges on each side of the hanger. These will keep clothes on and won’t break the budget.

24. Wash your socks in mesh bags so you never lose a mate.

25. When organizing your pantry use clear containers to group like items so that you can easily see what you have. This prevents overbuying at the grocery store and keeps things neat and tidy.

26. Fold your sheets and stack them inside of one of the matching pillowcases. This will make for a nice neat shelf in your linen closet and will keep matching sheets together.

27. Tidy in 10! Set a timer for 10 minutes and have every member of the family put things away or straighten up. You will be amazed at how this will help clear the clutter and involve the whole family.

Healthy Summer Eating Tips:

28. Kids are notorious for snacking the summer away. At the beginning of the week set up one healthy snack station in the fridge and another in the pantry and let the kids know these are to last the week. Pantry items could include trail mix, whole grain crackers, all fruit bars, nuts, and applesauce pouches. Finally, refrigerator items could include string cheese, apple slices, Greek yogurt tubes, sliced veggies and single serve hummus cups, and even a few pre-made sandwiches.

29. Pre-making smoothie bags is a great way to make sure you always have a healthy breakfast on hand, even when mornings are hectic. Take 15 minutes on a Sunday to pre-make zip-lock smoothie bags, and keep them in your freezer for a healthy protein filled breakfast to start the day.

30. Mix a jug of fruit infused water every night and use it to refill smaller water bottles to sip on the next day. The water is so flavorful once it’s had a chance to sit, and keeping hydrated is so important during the hot summer months.

31. Keep a stocked picnic basket – Everyone loves a picnic. Make it easy by having the basket already packed with the essentials- paper plates, plastic cups and silverware, napkins and wet wipes. Make a lunch and you’re ready to go!

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Another great way to entertain kids during the summer is to get them involved in the kitchen!  Our Summertime Pasta Salad for Kids is a great recipe that kids can help make, and will love.  Get the FULL RECIPE HERE.

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