ADHD Services

adhd-servicesOrder Out of Chaos works with individuals and families who struggle with chronic disorganization to help them create customized solutions to fit their organizing needs.  We understand that being organized doesn’t always come naturally for everyone.  We will help you figure out a system that works the way you think and also acquire the skills you need to STAY organized once a system is in place.

Our clients range from the high school student with ADHD who needs paper and time management strategies to the chronically disorganized stay-at-home mom struggling to organize her busy household.


  • Clutter control for home and home office
  • Evaluating and Creating new organizing systems
  • Paper management and filing systems
  • Paper/Planner/Time Management
  • Organization of financial and health insurance paperwork
  • Nation-wide Virtual Organizing

When we enter a client’s home or office, we treat it as if it were our own.


Success Story


Naomi (who is diagnosed with ADHD) was overwhelmed by her household clutter and frustrated that she could not get her two young children out the door to school on time.  “We are late every morning,” she said. “We’re always rushing to get out the door.  I can never find shoes, backpacks, my keys, even the cereal boxes for breakfast.  When we finally get in the car, we are exhausted and always 20 minutes late.”  On arriving home, she would be faced with mountains of clutter –piles of clothes, dishes, toys and papers – making it impossible to find what she needed.

Order Out of Chaos determined two main causes for the disorganization.  Many items did not have a permanent home and therefore there was no designated place to put them. We evaluated each room to determine how the family was to use the space and created efficient and creative storage for each of these rooms. For example, Naomi did not have an “office” for herself in the home and therefore all her papers ended up scattered and piled on the dining room table. We created a rolling cart filing system for Naomi. This enables her to have a “mobile” office that maintains her papers and allows her to take her work wherever her kids are playing.

We also worked on Naomi’s time management challenges and provided her with time-management coaching. We developed a plan that helps her prepare for the next day, showed her how to use her planner to prioritize tasks and taught her to create schedules and lists that help her maintain organization.  End results?  Stress free mornings and a clutter free home!