Amazon Faves & Raves – Top Picks

It’s Time for Our Annual Organizing “Product-Palooza!”

It’s no secret that the team at Order Out of Chaos loves organizing products! We have spent hours researching, testing, and trying out some of the newest and most popular products out there.  To make things easy for you, we have created a page on Amazon called “Our Amazon Faves and Raves” that have all of our top picks! Each of our team members has picked one of their absolute favorite products to feature this month.  Check them out, let us know what you think, and let us know what your favorite products are by emailing us at  Happy organizing!

Leslie’s Pick –

Looking for ways to help your student get organized? You don’t always have to look in the school supply section. Think outside the box and check the kitchen section or office section of your store. One of my favorite out of the box ideas is magazine files!  These are great for all students but are especially helpful for college kids that have limited space to get organized. It really helps to get the piles of stuff off of the desk and make them vertical. One way that you can use these is to label one for each subject and keep the textbooks, files and folders you need for that subject in it.  When it comes time for class, or homework, your student can just grab what they need and go. It saves time and keeps them organized!

Denise’s Pick –

When we started school the first thing I bought for my kindergartner was this work station. I filled it with crayons, scissors, pencils, glue sticks, markers (washable!) added erasers, a pencil sharpener, pencil grips, paperclips and clamps and he is good to go. We both know where everything is and where everything goes. 

I know this will grow with us as I add and take away things he needs all the way to high school. Come back in 12 years and I bet I’ll be telling you that he took it to college!

Best of all, it’s portable. He brings it to the kitchen table, the couch and even outside on our porch whenever he needs to work or even when he want’s to draw and color… because after all, he is in kindergarten.  

Keri’s Pick – 

We buy a lot of grab n’ go snacks for our super busy family. Protein bars, nuts, fig bars, peanut butter crackers…you get the idea. We used to simply pile them all up in a basket in the pantry. You would have to go a digging expedition to find your perfect snack. I love this organizing product because you can separate everything and spin to find what you are looking for. Works great for office supplies, too!

Laura’s Pick – 

As a busy mom with three boys ranging in age from 3-14, I live in my car. Every day we are driving to and from school, sports, tutoring, friends houses, after school activities….it’s never ending!  My car really is like my second home and it can easily get cluttered and filthy if I let it.  One product that has really helped is the TrunkCrate Pro Trunk Organizer.

I actually keep two in my trunk. The first holds our first aid kid, sports gear and plenty of toys and books to entertain my kids on short trips and weekend baseball tournaments. I try to keep the second one empty so I can use it for groceries or other miscellaneous items that always end up rolling around in my trunk!  They are extremely durable, come with anchors and are easy to take in and out of the car.  Definitely a must have for a busy family on the go!

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