Are You Sure It’s Attention Deficit?

All individuals who show hyperactivity, inattention, and/or impulsivity do not have ADHD. Consider all behaviors before a diagnosis is made. 

Joey has a hard time in the fourth grade. He is restless and has difficulty staying on task when doing work at his desk. His teacher complains that he daydreams a lot, and he frequently does not finish his classwork. During class discussions, though, he is focused and on task. He relates well to classmates, and plays games with friends at recess.

Allison, a third-grader, would rather daydream than do her work. Her worksheets are messy, and she makes a lot of errors. Her teacher says that she does not read or follow instructions.

William, also in the third grade, finishes his classwork and, with the help of his mother, completes his homework most days. In class, though, he loses focus and drifts off, and does not relate well to classmates. He prefers to be by himself during recess.

The above descriptions are what each set of parents told me about their child. They all asked me the same question at the end of the phone conversations: “Does my child have ADHD?” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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