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What Motivates You?

“I just can’t get motivated.”  Or, “It’s so hard to stay motivated.”  Sound familiar?  I hear that constantly from my clients whether it is an adult trying for the umpteenth time to clean out an attic or from a student working on an English term paper.  For them, it is less about disorganization or even time management and more about the desire and the will to begin or to keep going.  So how do we teach motivation? That’s a tricky one.  Here are some insights.

The College Packing List that Goes Beyond Bed Bath & Beyond! {FREE PRINTABLE}

Summer vacation is flying by and freshman move in day is right around the corner. It’s time to get ready! There are tons of “complete college packing lists” out there, but we guarantee that you won’t see all of these items on there – even though you should. From time saving apps and music memberships, to Emergen-C and Ethernet cords, you’ll definitely want to read on and update your own packing list.

10 Ways Color Coding Can Help Organize Your Family

How to Use Color Coding

Color coding is a fun and easy way to help children get and stay organized! Clutter with kids can add up fast, and getting them to pick up is a battle. But with an easy color coding system clean up is much easier, faster and best of all, kids can do it themselves. From school supplies and notes, to gadgets and chargers, these tips will finally help everyone in the house be more organized.

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31 Days of Summer Organizing Tips {FREE PRINTABLE}

Summer break is only a few weeks away, are you ready? It can be a busy time for everyone, so we have created a free printable for you with 31 organizing tips to help you make the most of your summer!  We have you covered with tips on everything from beach and pool gear organization, to road trip essentials and even ways to enjoy time spent at home.  Use these ideas to get organized and have more time to enjoy summer time fun.

Best Organizing Apps for 2018 {FREE PRINTABLE}

15 Apps to Keep You and Your Family Organized

Do you have resolutions to finally get your life, home and family organized this year?  You don’t have to go it alone! These organizing apps and websites will help you with everything from emptying your inbox, to decluttering your closet. There is something here for everyone in the family; mom, dad, students and more.

Starting The New Year With Enough In 2018

It’s the beginning of another new year. And if you are like me, you always start the New Year off with good intentions. Then, if you are REALLY like me, you open the freezer; see the ice cream and well… So this year I decided to be easy on myself…and my family. I’m not striving for perfection. Far from it. Just Enough. Organized enough (yes, even me!), good enough, exercise enough, done enough. You get the idea. No more resolutions or unobtainable goals that set us up to fail.

LESLIE LIKES: Genius Scan App

Do you and your children feel overwhelmed by the papers that come home from school? Do you also have trouble keeping track of receipts and important documents? If so, then boy do I have a solution for you!  Genius Scan – an app that will solve all of these problems and more.

Leslie Likes: Organized Holiday Wrapping

organized holiday wrappingGet Organized for the Holidays!


Teachers’ gifts, holiday parties, hostess presents, neighborhood gift exchanges and the list goes on and on. And along with it? Endless wrapping. Since I am all about being organized and finding what I need quickly, I’m a HUGE fan of the Wrap and Tote Organizer from The Container Store! It will organize and hold everything that you need for organized holiday wrapping and decorating all of your gifts.

MakeSpace: 5 Steps To Declutter Your Way To Clarity

Declutter with these Tips from MakeSpace

There’s a reason organization is touted as the key to productivity: Clutter is distracting, causes hassles, and wastes your precious time.

Conversely, organized spaces allow for greater efficiency. Things like decision fatigue and stress are reduced, in turn reserving brainpower. Mindfulness, focus, and other important aspects of mental clarity become easier to attain.

Here’s how to initiate — and foster — an environment that nurtures your inner peace of mind:

6 Costly Organizing Mistakes That College Students Fall Victim To

college students organizing mistakesOn a much broader spectrum, no individual would ever want his prized document to be missing, a few minutes before his game-changing speech or presentation, or to miss half of his favorite T.V. episode because it took him 15 minutes to look for the remote. Here are few revealing statistics about the consequences of college students being disorganized: