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LESLIE LIKES: Hatch – Stay Focused App

Hatch – Stay Focused and get things done!

Do you have a child that has a hard time focusing? Or they’re distracted by their phone or iPad? Would a timer with fun and creative rewards motivate and entice them to focus?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then boy do I have a great FREE app for you to try! The Hatch – Stay Focused app encourages kids to take a break from technology and focus on other things like reading, homework, and real life! The app is very easy to use; kids just set the timer for a desired time in 5-minute increments. Once it’s set a brightly colored egg starts shaking and the hatching process of a mystery creature begins. If the kids try to leave the app or open any other apps, they are prompted with a warning to come back or their egg will crack.

Stay engaged and hatch a mystery creature!

(Pro tip: lock your phone for even less distraction.) If they don’t return to the app right away, the egg explodes and vanishes. BUT if they stay focused until the timer is up a fun mystery creature is revealed! These creatures vary in type, points, and how rare they are. Each creature comes with an info card that shows its species, origin, power and rarity.   A really fun feature is that kids can form their own groups and connect with their friends. What kid doesn’t love collecting crazy looking creatures and comparing their collections with their friends?

Hatch really has made focusing a little more fun. Kids can unlock over 60 variations of these creatures, including limited edition species (they even have Halloween ones!) and compete in global leaderboards or with their private study groups. So why not try the app for FREE and start creating better focus, study, and work habits?

Get the Hatch – Stay Focused App HERE.

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