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Coaching for Teens and College Students

JST Coaching:

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Organizing Products

Personal Space/Room Requirements

Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit:

Grab n’ Go organizer:

Elfa Shelving System:

Alarms and Clocks

Wake N Shake: You have to vigorously shake your iPhone to wake up.

I Can’t Wake Up!: You do eight wake-up tasks before the alarm is silenced.

Clocky and Tocky: These alarm clocks jump on your nightstand and roll around your room while playing your favorite mp3s.

Analog Clocks:

Study Space/Desks

Sit to Stand Desk:

Lap Desk:

3-sided Presentation Board:

Privacy Shields,

Study Space/Seating

Yoga Ball Chairs: Great alternative to a regular chair especially for those students who tend to fidget while doing homework.

Bungee Office Chair:

Fidget Chair (Safco Zenergy Ball):

Locker Supplies

Locker Bones: Customizable locker shelves that help keep your student organized.

Dry Erase Board:

Magnetic Bins by Design Ideas:

Locker magnets by LockerLookz:

Paper/Short-term Storage

Case-it binders: The best all-in-one master binder on the market! My favorite is the Dual-101 with two sets of rings.

Samsill DUO 2-in-1 Organizer: An all-in-one binder that combines a 3-ring binder with an accordion folder.

Wilson Jones® Big Mouth® Filers:

Delta Planners’ Student Sleeves: An oversized vinyl pouch perfect for holding student supplies.

C-line Binder Pockets w/ Write-On Tabs:

Avery Big Tab Two-Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers:

Paper/Long-term Storage

Open Top File Box:

Expanding file jackets by Smead:

School Supplies

Grid-It Organizer:

Pencil Pouch w/ Mesh Window:

Wide Ruled Reinforced Notebook Paper:

TOPS FocusNotes Note Taking System:

File Management: Digital

Evernote: The workspace for your life’s work:

Microsoft OneNote: The digital note-taking app for your devices:

Planners and Calendars

Order Out of Chaos® “Academic Planner: A Tool For Time Management®”:

Post-it Notes Weekly Planner / Customizable wall calendar:

PicoPad Wallet Notes:

Digital Calendars

Google Calendar: Both sync with cell phones, allowing you to schedule online and to set reminders by email or text.

MyStudyLife – Organize your classes, tasks and exams & never forget a lecture or assignment again:


MagicCal Electronic Calendar: Do you forget to change your kitchen calendar every month? Go digital! This wall-mounted electronic calendar can be synced with Google Calendar and can accommodate even the busiest family’s schedule. It audibly alerts you when you have an event coming up, and can even be used as an alarm clock — great for forgetful ADHD adults!

Homework Helpers

Wunderlist: Ideal for keeping track of homework, projects and schedules.

MyHomework Student Planner App:

30/30: Make a list and give yourself a time allotment to complete each task.

StayOnTask: This app will periodically “check in” with you to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Study minder: Homework organizer that keeps track of work times.


Magic Work Cycle:  Powerful productivity technique. It’s very simple. Work for thirty minutes, giving all of your attention to whatever project you are working on. After thirty minutes, take a break for thirty minutes. You can do anything you want to take your mind off of your work. Then repeat again with thirty minutes of work.

Watchminder: A watch with programmable vibrating reminders to help students stay on task and focus.

TimeTimer Study Tool: Displays the passage of time visually. Available as an app too!

Pomodoro Timer Lite: Focus for 25 minutes and the timer signals it’s time for a break.

FocusTime: Allows you to set work and break intervals.

Focus Booster: Provides digital visual cues to keep track of time.

Mark-My-Time: A bookmark-style timer for timing independent reading.

My PowerClock: Small countdown clock

Study Skills/Digital Flashcards

Quizlet – Simple free learning tools for students and teachers:

StudyBlue – Find and share flashcards online:

Study Skills/Notetaking


LiveScribe – Never miss a word:

InClassApp – The last school app you will ever need:

Aqua Notes: You think of a new project to pitch at work while you’re in the shower — but by the time you’ve gotten out, the idea is totally gone. Now, never let your ADHD brain lose track of an idea again, with Aqua Notes — a waterproof notepad you can hang in your shower to jot down ideas the second they come to you. Plus, non-ADHD spouses can leave fun reminders for their partner, and the whole family can have fun doodling in the shower! Visual outlines to help students organize information.

Focusing Products

Thinking Putty – Helps students fidget to focus:

More Great Organizing Products

Keyless Door Lock and Deadbolt: If you still can’t keep track of your keys, maybe it’s time to ditch them altogether. This keyless lock is opened using a 4-digit code or a small remote, with a heavy-duty deadbolt to keep you feeling secure all year round. If you’re not handy, don’t worry — the lock is easy to install. Plus, if your house is already connected, the lock syncs up with it — making your whole house much more intuitive.

Cacoon Hanging Chair: Hypersensitivity and overstimulation often follow children with ADHD into adulthood. Help your loved one unwind after a stressful day by giving them this foam cocoon chair — it’ll wrap them up in soft fabric and comfy foam lining, giving them a safe place to calm down after being overstimulated.

Noise Cancellation/Music

Streaming Music Services

Apple Music

HoMedics Sound machine:

White Noise Apps

Recommended article from Health Ambition: How to Improve Concentration and Focus in Your Life

Noisli – Improve focus and boost productivity with background noise:

Noizio – ambient sound equalizer for relaxation or productivity:

Media Distraction Apps

If you feel that your teen seriously lacks the self-control to monitor his/her tech usage, there are dozens of apps and settings that can be installed directly on a computer. These programs allow you to set time periods during which your teen will have no access to the Internet at all or block certain websites from his/her computer during certain parts of the day. As with any technology, it changes daily, but here are a few of the most common media distraction plug-ins available:

Freedom (

Freedom works by disabling a computer’s internet connection for the time period you specify. When Freedom is running on your teen’s computer, he/she will not able to get online at all. Freedom makes no permanent changes to the computer. If your teen needs to get back online, say, to do research for a paper, he/she can just reboot the computer.

Anti-Social (

Rather than blocking the Internet in its entirety, Anti-Social automatically blocks all known time-robbers for a set period of time. Sites that are off limit include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Self-Control (

With Self-Control, you can block out distracting websites for a set amount of time. It is truly customizable in terms of which sites you can block and for how long. No amount of browser restarts or computer reboots will stop it. However, rather than completely disabling the entire Internet, you can selectively decide which sites are OK or not.

Cold Turkey (

Cold Turkey is specifically designed for students to help them focus and stay on-track. Not only does it block common websites and programs, but you can also program it to block certain computer games as well.

Stay on Task (Available from Google Play)

Ifocus on Work, Monitors computer use / distractions.