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Share the Wealth by Donating to Worthy Organizations {FREE PRINTABLE}

(Includes a FREE printable list!)

It’s that time of year and in the spirit of giving, we’ve made donating easy for you.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite national donation sites.

Dress for Success

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. The organization accepts pantsuits, skirts, dresses, blazers, blouses, shoes, purses, and unused cosmetics and jewelry. To donate clothes to your local Dress for Success, please visit dressforsuccess.org/affiliate-list to find the affiliate nearest to you.

What Motivates You?

“I just can’t get motivated.”  Or, “It’s so hard to stay motivated.”  Sound familiar?  I hear that constantly from my clients whether it is an adult trying for the umpteenth time to clean out an attic or from a student working on an English term paper.  For them, it is less about disorganization or even time management and more about the desire and the will to begin or to keep going.  So how do we teach motivation? That’s a tricky one.  Here are some insights.

10 Ways Color Coding Can Help Organize Your Family

How to Use Color Coding

Color coding is a fun and easy way to help children get and stay organized! Clutter with kids can add up fast, and getting them to pick up is a battle. But with an easy color coding system clean up is much easier, faster and best of all, kids can do it themselves. From school supplies and notes, to gadgets and chargers, these tips will finally help everyone in the house be more organized.

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Do You Have Different Organizing Styles Living in Your Home?

organizing styles(with permission from my daughter/son)

How to Deal with Different Organizing Styles in Your Home

As I write this newsletter, my daughter, Maddie is on her way home from DC for a short visit and my son, Eli from college for Fall Break. And as excited as I am (And I am!) to have them home, the type “A”, everything have a place, put it away immediately, Leslie, can’t stop thinking about the clutter that comes along with their visits. If I am going to be completely honest, as much as I miss them (and I do!), I get a giddy pleasure peeking into their perfectly neat and organized bedrooms. (Yes, I am that crazy!) It’s not that they were so messy or disorganized when they lived here. It’s just that we all have VERY different organizing personalities.

MakeSpace: 5 Steps To Declutter Your Way To Clarity

Declutter with these Tips from MakeSpace

There’s a reason organization is touted as the key to productivity: Clutter is distracting, causes hassles, and wastes your precious time.

Conversely, organized spaces allow for greater efficiency. Things like decision fatigue and stress are reduced, in turn reserving brainpower. Mindfulness, focus, and other important aspects of mental clarity become easier to attain.

Here’s how to initiate — and foster — an environment that nurtures your inner peace of mind:

6 Costly Organizing Mistakes That College Students Fall Victim To

college students organizing mistakesOn a much broader spectrum, no individual would ever want his prized document to be missing, a few minutes before his game-changing speech or presentation, or to miss half of his favorite T.V. episode because it took him 15 minutes to look for the remote. Here are few revealing statistics about the consequences of college students being disorganized:

Top 10 Summer Organizing Tips

summerGuest post by Dr. Regina F. Lark

Summer is here! This means the kids are home, beach & camping trips are necessary, you have time for a short vacation, the grill is finally being used, and your collection of flowers outside is getting some attention. With so many things going on it is easy to lose track of time and your belongings making clutter a formidable summer foe. Luckily staying organized throughout the summer months is not that difficult and doesn’t require much effort.

More Great Organizing and Student Products…..

Clear Shoe Bags

organizingYes, you heard me. Organizing products don’t have to be expensive. A clear shoe bag is the perfect go-to organizing product for every room in your house. I recommend to my clients to hang them in the bedroom closets to house jewelry and accessories, behind their bathroom doors for makeup, on the pantry closet door for grab-n-go snacks, pet supplies and other small items that get lost in the “junk drawer”. My son uses one to organize all his electronic cords and paraphernalia. The list of uses is endless! I have one in almost every room of my home.


Summer is Here! Time to Corral Your Kid’s Clutter!

corral your kids clutterSummer is the perfect time to get control of your children’s clutter. Here are some fun clutter fixes to try.

Recognize Kids’ Organizing Styles!

Frustrated with your children’s clutter? Just pinpoint their organizing style. Start by asking them, “What’s going to work for YOU?” If folding clothes isn’t their thing, let them know that’s okay and put bins in their room where they can

Jewelry SNUG..For Quick and Easy Tangle Free Jewelry

jewelry-snugI’m thinking we all have the same problem keeping our jewelry organized and tangled free when we travel. I know I can’t stand the knotted necklaces or the clump of earrings in the bottom of the bag. Well, I found the perfect solution the other day at my local store. It’s called the Jewelry SNUG and it is so awesome!  Check out this video to see how it actually works.   http://jewelrysnug.com/pages/how-to-use

But basically you “place your necklaces and bracelets in between the two sleeves and press to cling”.  Put earrings and rings in the stackable containers, tie it all up and you are all set.