What Motivates You?

“I just can’t get motivated.”  Or, “It’s so hard to stay motivated.”  Sound familiar?  I hear that constantly from my clients whether it is an adult trying for the umpteenth time to clean out an attic or from a student working on an English term paper.  For them, it is less about disorganization or even time management and more about the desire and the will to begin or to keep going.  So how do we teach motivation? That’s a tricky one.  Here are some insights.

        • Most would say picture the end result. See yourself where you want to be. I like to do the opposite. Reflect on where you’ve been. Seeing how far you might have gotten or even just standing still (no backsliding!) is powerful in keeping you on track.


        • Motivation itself is actually not necessary. Believing we have to FEEL like doing something in order to actually do it can lead to not getting anything done. Sometimes if we just simply begin we can become motivated.


        • Do the hardest or longest task first. Especially students. Success breeds success.
        • Build in rewards. Frozen yogurt anyone??


        • Create deadlines fake or real. Work at your peak energy times. And work in time intervals and not by task. Easier to wrap your brain around 20 minutes then it is to take on the task of cleaning that attic.


        • Buddy up!! I can’t exercise without a partner. It’s that simple. Identify what you need and call in the troupes. Accountability is key.


        • Strip away the layers. The build up or anticipation is usually worse than the task or situation itself. We all know that. So when I get hit with the “I don’t want to’s”, I flip it upside down and say “don’t do it because you have to; do it because you can!”


        • It’s good enough. Repeat after me. It’s good enough. Nothing else to say here.


        • Create energy around your tasks and to that point environment is key. Think red bull on steroids. Whether it is music, colorful office supplies or the local coffee shop, create an environment that will give you a natural caffeine boost!


So, what motivates me?  Fear used to be a huge motivator. The fear of not knowing enough or being prepared enough. Will others find me knowledgeable? I’m not proud of it but it is what kept me motivated while I was building my business. Interestingly for most of my clients fear is the first obstacle we work on to get unstuck. Now my motivation comes from my community! Reach out at and let me know what motivates you.

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