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Leslie has a wealth of knowledge and fabulous tips to help make family living less hectic. Her presentation was fast-paced, informative, and helpful. No matter who your child is, you’ll leave the program with practical, solution-oriented ideas that are easy to put in place. Everyone can benefit from what Leslie has to say.

Laurie, New Rochelle School District parent


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We could not have made it this year without you!!! As you said to me many times, it’s never too late!! Thank you.

Susan K.

Leslie hits the nail on the head about stuff we are swimming in as a society, and the overwhelm which causes procrastination.

My daughter has been using your planner since last year it is a huge help. This summer we purchased the Time Timer from your website, your book and a new planner. I am in the process of putting analog clocks everywhere in my home. Another therapist recommended using a timer which we have been doing for years. It hasn’t helped. I now understand why? A timer doesn’t show my daughter the time, it only counts it down. It still took her 6 hours every night to do her homework. I now understand why she didn’t turn in a project on time. I left her unsupported, not realizing she still needed me. Your book helped me understand why my child doesn’t wear all the new clothes I buy her. If she doesn’t see them, they aren’t there. She has to see them to remember that they are there. Organization is key in helping them thrive.

Barbara L.

Leslie’s tips have cut through the fog and overload I’ve been feeling! They came at the perfect time! Another big boost of courage and solutions.

Hi, Leslie! I love your website! So much helpful info — love applying what I’m learning. Absolute great stuff! Your tips are incredibly practical and easy to adapt and use. Thank you!

Lisa N. Memphis, TN

Leslie, I wanted to write you to let you know that you’ve made a big difference in our lives. Jessica and I were reflecting on all the changes that we are grateful to you for: all the new furniture and storage ideas that will keep us organized, replacing the closet doors, so we can see what is inside (brilliant!), granola bars, beef jerky, and I’ve stopped nagging her to read. We thank you so much!!

Andrea P., mom of a 14 year old

Your webinar was excellent. I don’t have children, although the behaviors you mentioned were me as a kid. This year, at 58, I was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive type, and am not surprised to find that the information you provided will be a huge help to me as well. Thank you!

Evelyn P.

Leslie Josel certainly gets it! She’s an expert in helping people with ADHD “see” time and learn to make choices that make better use of that valuable resource none of us can ever get back if we waste it! Her approach includes creating individual homework profiles – awesome!”

Participant of the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit

I loved Leslie Josel’s advice for ADHD kids on planning. Kids need to have a VISUAL FOR TIME BLOCKS so they can actually SEE when they are free to study or get a project done. This is such a simple and obvious thing and although I use it, I don’t make my kids use it. My son can’t see past the next hour sometimes so showing him a week or month out and inputting activities we are obligated to and including time for fun will allow him to SEE that he needs to do things now vs putting them off because it’s not due tomorrow. LOVE THIS!!!

Also her last words of advice – stop TELLING my son what to do and start asking him what he needs today. I really have worked hard last year to make my son a problem solver. I make him give me three ideas on what he can do to fix an issue. Rather than allowing him to say I don’t know – I make him give me three solutions on what he can do to figure it out. I think he likes to be resourceful and trying to figure out a solution before telling me his mistake has been better for both of us.

Just ordered second copy of your new book. I had ordered the planners for my freshman grand daughter and junior grandson. Reviewed basics, they are excited about finally having something to help them with time management. Emphasized..“if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.” You have no idea how this statement has validated my challenged state of time management as an adult diagnosed with ADD.

Thank you so much for your useful info; especially the small doses given daily. The small doses lend itself to retaining the info for me. I recently attended the ADHD Summit and found your information to provide such a timely impact. Please keep up the excellent work you do!!

Nancy B.

I am watching all the daily videos I have received and reading through the first chapter of your book. Thank you for helping me feel less alone in my efforts to help *****! My clean out of his room went better than expected. He responded that he felt older and more responsible with a clean environment and he didn’t complain about my having moved some of his “hoarded” belongings to a clear bin the garage. : )

Priscilla F., homeschool parent