Off-the-Floor Rack-It

RackItOk. We all know that I am an organizing product junkie. I am always looking for products that are easy, versatile, and user-friendly. Boy did I strike gold with this product. Off-the-Floor Rack-It is a customizable (so key!) storage solution that can be used anywhere and is seriously for anyone. The modular storage system doesn’t consume valuable floor space (love that!) as it hangs either by wall mount or (even better!) over the door hooks. Using a pegboard-type functionality, it is infinitely expandable. The Rack-It starter kit includes 12×16″ panels, panel binding clips, expandable hooks, a 3-compartment storage bin, storage shelves, and mounting brackets. They are durable and come in a variety of colors to match any decor style. They have a maximum weight capacity of about 75 pounds overall. And that’s a lot of clutter!

So how versatile is it? True story. The creators of Off-the-Floor Rack-It sent me their product after seeing my dorm room organizing product roundup on Better Television. Cool, I thought. This would be perfect to send to my daughter at college for her to use in her dorm room to corral scarves, books, tote bag, etc. Truly grab and go. When I opened the box, I knew immediately that my 14-year-old son had to have it hanging on the outside of his closet door for hats, electronics chargers, hand weights, etc. (Did I mention how ADD-friendly this is?) After asking my husband to set it up for me, I went to take a look in my son’s room. It was nowhere to be found. My husband has commandeered it and it is now proudly hanging in our storage room in the basement with all of his sports equipment on it. If that doesn’t prove its versatility, then I don’t know what does!

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