Manage Distractions and Motivate Kids with Habyts!

habytsGetting homework done is a double-edged sword. Although the internet can make homework easier and more time efficient, there are also great tools on the web that offer a lot of distractions.  With social media apps, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, just to name a few, it is hard for our students to remain focused on their homework. So, as a parent, how do we help our children focus when its homework time or have more control over how much play time they have on their devices? Well, there’s an app for that! It’s called, Habyts. Habyts was specifically designed to help children lower their screen time and create better daily habits. Here’s how it works:

LESLIE LIKES: Food n’ Fun Car Seat Organizer

car organizerSummertime! The weather is hot, the kids are home….it’s time to hit the road for a fun-filled family vacation. I love this High Road Kids Food ‘n Fun Car Seat Organizer because it helps keep all of your children’s travel supplies organized and right at their fingertips. It has everything from a cooler to keep food to drinks nearby to lots of pockets for storing electronics, books, toys and more. An extra bonus is that it is removable and super easy to clean. If you are headed out on the road with your children this summer, I would definitely recommend being organized along the way!

What To Do With Your Papers From The School Year

schoolSchool is out for the summer. The students have left the building and their teacher made sure they took all of their papers with them!! Between art projects, report cards, spelling tests, book reports, and various other assignments completed throughout the year, it becomes overwhelming for some to come up with an agreed plan for all of these papers. But have no fear! We have 5 fun tips to help you tackle this summer organizing project with your children.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Brain Boosting Smoothie

brain boosting smoothie
It’s that time of year – it’s hot outside, the kids are home and bored, and they want to eat you out of house and home. The perfect summer solution – smoothies! They cool you off, are so versatile, are super filling and everyone loves them. My new favorite ingredient to add…avocado. I know – if you haven’t tried it you’re thinking of how wrong this all sounds. Avocados in a drink?? But I promise, the addition of avocado in this smoothie gives it the perfect texture and sneaks heart healthy fats and brain boosting powers into your little ones without them even noticing! In fact, take a look below at all of the healthy goodness packed into one smoothie. Enjoy!

Top 10 Summer Organizing Tips

summerGuest post by Dr. Regina F. Lark

Summer is here! This means the kids are home, beach & camping trips are necessary, you have time for a short vacation, the grill is finally being used, and your collection of flowers outside is getting some attention. With so many things going on it is easy to lose track of time and your belongings making clutter a formidable summer foe. Luckily staying organized throughout the summer months is not that difficult and doesn’t require much effort.

Are You Team Paper Planner or Electronic Calendar?

team-paper-planner-electronic-calendarI’m going to get right to it. I’m a paper planner girl. Always have been. Always will. There’s something about putting pen to paper that makes me feel organized, time managed and yes, in control. And it seems I’m not the only one. In our high tech world, paper planners are making a comeback— and in a really big way. And not just for adults, but for students too!

According to The Paper and Packaging Board’s 2015 Annual Back-to-School Report, 63% of K-12 teachers’ courses involved paper-based learning and that included using a student planner! Want even more proof? In February 2015, the Washington Post recognized paper’s unique role in the lives of our “Gen-Z” students, born in the mid 1990s to early 2000s, who have grown up in a world of cellphones, laptops and touch screens, still choose paper to study, read, share and send.

More Great Organizing and Student Products…..

Clear Shoe Bags

organizingYes, you heard me. Organizing products don’t have to be expensive. A clear shoe bag is the perfect go-to organizing product for every room in your house. I recommend to my clients to hang them in the bedroom closets to house jewelry and accessories, behind their bathroom doors for makeup, on the pantry closet door for grab-n-go snacks, pet supplies and other small items that get lost in the “junk drawer”. My son uses one to organize all his electronic cords and paraphernalia. The list of uses is endless! I have one in almost every room of my home.


It’s Our Annual “Product-Palooza!”

Iproduct-palooza recently spent a week attending the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals’ annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Over 700 professionals from 13 countries gathered to learn, network, inspire, and share. But the highlight of the conference every year is the viewing of the newest organizing products for home, student and office at our EXPO! Think fashion week for organizers! Everyone from Smead to Time Timer to Samsill came to display the newest innovations in organizing products for us to try and take home. It truly was a “Product Palooza!” So read on to see some of my favs!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

chicken and cheese quesadilla

Need a quick and easy snack/meal idea that’s healthy and your kids will be sure to love? Look no further! Quesadillas take less than 10 minutes to make and are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Top these chicken and cheese quesadillas with guacamole for brain boosting power!